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Program Structure

Our program is designed to inspire, educate, and empower girls aged 13-17 both Arabs and Jewish.


Through a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on activities, and engaging workshops, we provide a transformative learning experience.


The program spans a year long (120hrs/two semesters), allowing participants to delve deep into the key topics of climate change, climate tech, and AI for good.

Participants' Environmental
Tech Solutions digital portfolio

The heart of our program lies in empowering these young girls to develop environmental tech solutions for their respective communities. Through an immersive and hands-on learning experience, participants acquire knowledge about climate change, climate tech, and AI for good. They are encouraged to think critically, identify local environmental challenges, and explore innovative ways to address them.

Key Topics Covered

Climate Change

At Future Holders, we focus on climate change awareness. Our curriculum covers global impact, sustainable practices, and empowers participants to take informed actions for a sustainable future.

Inspirational HiTech Companys Visits

Inspiring High-Tech visits with remarkable women in environmental conservation. Witness their efforts firsthand and gain valuable insights to make a positive impact.


AI for Good & App Development

We offer extensive AI training for positive impact. Learn AI principles, practical application, and eco-solutions to build green apps for a sustainable future.

Dedicated Group Facilitators and Mentors

Experienced facilitators and mentors guide and support participants throughout the program, offering individualized attention, encouragement, and help to navigate challenges and develop skills and projects.


Our program is designed to be interactive and engaging, incorporating various teaching methods such as group activities, hands-on projects, inspiring women lectures from industry experts, and hi-tech company visits. We encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and the development of essential skills for the future. 

By the end of the program, participants have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by developing and presenting their own environmental tech solutions. This final project allows them to address specific environmental challenges within their own towns or communities, fostering a sense of ownership and impact.

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