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Future Holders at Amdocs!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

On December 13, 2022 our girls made their first visit to a leading High-Tech company- Amdocs.

Four groups (Taybe, Kufur Yassif, Ramat Hasharon and Rishon Lezion), a total of 80 girls, started their day in Amdocs’ offices in Ra'anana, Israel.

A great breakfast followed by an inspirational lecture of a senior female manager in Amdocs. The girls were divided into two groups according to their native-tongue and were given lectures in Hebrew and Arabic.

Future Holders believe role models are vital, which is why we insist on working with High-Tech companies that have both Arab and Jewish female senior management, so that our Arab girls see not only that women can reach a high position, but also Arab women.

The responses for the lectures were amazing; the girls are feeling more inspired than ever, they asked important questions about the challenges senior managers face as women. The Arab girls raised important questions about the challenges many women face while building a career in a traditional society.

Following the lectures and a short break, a conversation with Ronen Levkovich, Group President Amdocs Services and Nira Erez, Head of Global Services. They spoke about Amdocs and its contributions to a greener world.

Afterwards they were divided into two mixed groups of Arabs and Jews for two workshops. The first workshop was about Climate Change, conducted by The Green Network, and the second workshop was about AI, conducted by Gilad Shamir, an AI specialist.

The overall response to the visit was amazing, and the girls are now very excited and looking forward to their next visit- Google.


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